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I have some news indeed. Hear me out...

Interview with Brax on has posted an interview with ToA's lead developer, Brax, on their site. They discuss ToA's background and history as well as what makes ToA unique and future development plans. An interesting tidbit is that the developers plan to open a special sub-forum for certain KickStarter backers to discuss development and progress of the game more in-depth.

In addition, some more screenshots were released for the occasion as well:





1000 forum members and screenshots released

A couple of days ago the forum of Trials of Ascension hit 1000 members and to celebrate Forged Chaos has released some screenshots of the (pre-alpha) game world. The world as you can see in those screenshots is still bare because vegetation hasn't been placed, but you can clearly make out the large variety of regions: plains, deserts, snowy peaks, lush forests, lakes, etc. It certainly is a good sign of things to come.





Q&A podcasts

Forged Chaos has released two podcasts, the first being purely a Q&A session, and the second touching upon the subject of survival and sustainability in ToA as well as a Q&A at the end. The developers cover a lot of topics and answer many questions, so it's definitely worth the listen. Transcripts of both podcasts are available in the library.

Trials of Ascension back in (limited) development

Several months ago Forged Chaos (formerly known as Shadowpool) announced that they had brought their upcoming MMORPG, Trials of Ascension, back into limited development. Their plan this time around is to first raise awareness and bring up the hype, then attempt to get enough funding via a Kick Starter project. If that succeeds, they intend to proceed with full development. To raise the chances of the game being released, some of the ambitious original design features were put on hold for now, but they are likely to be introduced at a later stage once the game is released.

Visit the official site for more information.